where to put everything

September 16, 2009

The fair went very well. I was so pleased. Now nearly a week later I still have to put things away for the next time. Lucky I have the next few days off. The bags did not sell but thats ok. I got a few views of interest. I will put it down to market research.

pinup bored

I did not take any photos which was silly of me so I will put in instead a new view above my sewing machine. Still a work in progress.

i have a biig ra ck

September 10, 2009

Of vintage clothes that I am selling on Saturday here.
I have been meaning to do this for a while and now I am. I am no longa a gunna.

glad rags

Some bags that I hopefully will sell. I may even throw in a few of my handmade ones to see how they go. Ya never know. Very excited to not only achieve a goal but to clear out a wardrobe full of clothes.

old bag

blue box 1&2

September 4, 2009

My sister visited us last week. She lives on the far North Coast and is always lamenting that there are no good finds left up there.
Au contraire. She always manages to scrounge something up for me that she knows I would like.

blue box2

Handmade boxes made from plastic canvas and nylon thread and lined on the inside. Again…awesome!!


And something that I hardly ever do is buy online mags. But I shelled out AU3.10 for Parasol Craft this week. It is very inspirational and makes my heart flutter a little.
And another thing that we (the family) don’t do anymore is go to the footy. Which we are tonight. I have had the slow cooker going , (Traditional Beef Casserole) so we can get there without a rush. Life can get ruttish.

have you ever

September 3, 2009

Now this is unusual. Its a teapot rester I think?. Made out of Fosters bottlecaps – crocheted. Jeez. Awesome!!

bottletop love

This dolly is coming along very slowly. Alot of things have been resistive in her making. First I didn’t have the right scissors that were little enough,check, then I was in two minds about acrylic or wool felt,check, then I didnt want to buy a new bag of stuffing ,check. Youre glad you’re you arent you?*

pretty dress

*Tongue in cheek. I really can cope in most areas of my life.

my day

August 26, 2009

The long walk to pickup. Sometimes I just wait in the car cause I can’t be shagged, today I made the effort. She likes the effort.

buttock clenching

The never ending question. Everday.

whats for dinner

inside i am still 9 years old

August 25, 2009

I love going to craft shows. You never know what you are going to find. I got this consciously for my girl, but subconsciously for me. I thinks she is so adorable. She is from The Red Thread. I was so enamoured by this stand at the craft show, totally charming.


my other darling

August 14, 2009

My son doesn’t really get a good mention here, mainly because he would be mortified and also hes a boy and does not really appreciate the girly things in life…because hes a boy.
But hes my honey(most of the time). He was kind enough to get me the photoshop program which I am trying to manoeuvre. See picture below. This was easy to do from a tutorial I found online but the other stuff – forget it. I will have to go to adult education class to learn I think.


On another note, I have been blogging for four years this month (on and off). I sometimes wonder why I do this but I guess its mainly for motivation to keep myself busy and inspiration (from others) to strive for greater things for myself in an arty crafty way. Its a need I guess.

i feel i felt…funny word

August 13, 2009

I felted these little fellas slash critters the other night at work whilst on my break. The roving or whatever its called was acrylic so they turned out really fuzzy which was not displeasing just fiddly.
My hand! What a drag it is getting older.

felt in hand

And now they sit above my sewing machine with all the other bits of craft flotsam and jetsam that has no real place to be.

felt in box

squares and rectangles

August 11, 2009

Some lovely delyta (delighter) bias binding from the haby stash. Very nice packaging. I thought I may as well use it as its going to rot one day. There’s a cheery thought for you.

turns itself

My darling had a do on at school today where they had to wear 1930’s so I made this dress on the weekend, but I maimed two birds with one stone as she will wear this again in November for her dancing troupe. She is Dorothy. She was so proud when she got chosen.


I didn’t use a pattern, just cut out sqaures and triangles. This relieved me greatly of any tensness I get when I usually use commercial patterns and made the whole experience quite pleasurable.
The buttons are awesome huge also from haby stash. Had to use them or else they too will rot one day. Happy days:)
Added as an afterthought. The Wizard of Oz was the most spun vinyl (whats that) in my house circa 1970. Pinky and Perky greatest hits came a very close second.

on a bender

August 7, 2009

Am on a home beautifying bender at the the moment. Last month it was a sewing clothes bender, next month who knows. September usually makes me want to garden.
I made the two front pillows this morning. The fabric is Ana Maria Horner gear from Remnants warehouse. Just love it. I am now not sure about the black and white pillows (Ikea). Another trip to Alexandria might be on the cards.


And from a garage sale on the weekend this mid century pic. Up close it is just a blur but from afar it defines itself.
The family have declared it a scary picture which comes as no surprise. I think their idea of artwork/ decoration would be the dogs sitting around the table playing poker painting. Now thats scary.

klee glee