finishing and continuing things


I wore this skirt to work today.  I finished it on Boxing Day and it was sitting in my to do basket since September 07. Can’t rush these things ‘spose. I know its just one skirt but it weighs on my mind when I don’t complete things, even more so when a new year starts.


And of course where there is one, there are others, like rats, which we had omg over the last few months but now I pray they have gone.
I started this journal thing when I first discovered blogs, about 2 and a bit years ago. Its from The Wish Jar. I did a few pages of it then stashed it away, pfff, but got it out again this morning. I’m aiming to finish to my level of satisfaction. I reprinted the 100 daily ideas again today and I am off and running.

Oh crap this photo thing – thanks Jodie for doing the reconnaissance . I can see pictures can anyone else?


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4 Responses to “finishing and continuing things”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Hiya, No pics at all today – they say unavailable!!!

  2. Jodie Says:

    yep, Piccies are back now- great skirt.

  3. VictoriaE Says:

    I can see your pics. I think mine disappeared for a day or too recently.
    So, you have a new blog! I love the header.

  4. emma Says:

    nice skirt!

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