room to move

This is what Ive been doing today. Tidying up my two and half metres of space. I even chucked out stuff, sock monkeys that were never meant to be and pathetic little bits of fabric and ribbon that I am ashamed I hoarded like a bag lady.
The Mr. put up the hats racks. I had nowhere else to put them but high above, still serviceable though and I rearranged my ‘inspiration’ board. Feels a bit free-er.



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4 Responses to “room to move”

  1. Claire Falkingham Says:

    No excuse now Linda!

  2. VictoriaE Says:

    Now that looks like a perfect little patch of space. I love the display on the wall and the green chair.

  3. Donna Says:

    Your sitting on my chair!

  4. susan Says:

    Love your array of old baskets. Good to see someone else has them breeding at their place.

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