zips,boats and needles

Good times at the OS this week.
I have been a bit obsessed of late finding boat fabric and here it is. I knew it would be found eventually but I really didn’t want fifty years of dirt and I think nicotine embedded in it. A piece of old smelly fabric. Not every girl would be thrilled but its my thang.


And zips. I love zips with rings on the end. I hate sewing the mongrel things though. I don’t know why more people don’t buy zips from the op-shop, they range from only 20-50 cents in my area as compared to two dollars onwards in the not secondhand shops.

zips with rings

Needlepunch toolset. Still unopened. Hmmph. I’ll give it a try. Hope it’s not dodgy. If I do something really good I’ll put it on the blog, if it doesn’t go well it will still go on the blog.

hmm give it a go



3 Responses to “zips,boats and needles”

  1. Jodie Says:

    I’m with you on the op-shop zips. I like to find the old ones with the rings and tags on the end as well. Sometimes certain fabric shops will give all their discontinued zips to one of my local op-shops . Its great !

  2. VictoriaE Says:

    Needle puch looks a bit scary. Like it would injure you?
    You could frame the boat fabric then it wouldn’t smell.

  3. Claire Falkingham Says:


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