friendship is a gift of the heart

Claire tagged me  and although I agree that talking about oneself can be quite entertaining I have come to the conclusion that this is my last 7 things thing as quite frankly I am a boring old fart. So here are my last  7 random / quirky things.

  1. My 2ND big toe bigger than first.
  2. I look for money when I am walking down the street. I find it sometimes. Thus it has unfortunately led to me to acquire a hump on my back ala Quasimodo.
  3. I have mentioned this before. I rate food. 1/10 for crap 10/10 for delectable delicious delightful. The higher the score the more verbs.
  4. My favorite word is friggin. And so it goes that it has become my children’s favorite word.
  5. I also like the word Droog and long to use it in a casual conversation.
  6. I like the phrase ‘Ugly as a hatfull of arse holes’. I have never used it in public though.
  7. I am prone to exaggeration and high drama.

This xstich really has nothing to do with anything. Found it in the op shop a couple of weeks ago of which my house is starting to resemble.



4 Responses to “friendship is a gift of the heart”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Lovin’ Number 6

  2. Donna Says:

    Woo hoo – I’ll send you my email shortly Linda – I’m chuffed -Thank you.

    ps – Can’t wait to see the book BUT that clown (and any toy clown) is uglier than a hat full of arseholes………and as my father used to say ………fartin’ ones at that.

  3. Claire Falkingham Says:

    Me too on the 2nd toe being longer than my big toe – wonder what it mean Linda? ‘She who is destined to waste time at the computer’

  4. VictoriaE Says:

    Yes, life in a house that looks like the opshop.

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