here I go

Its been a good week for mail. First the Brown Owls package arrived  and I have to say it was like opening a lolly bag at a party. Good fun.


And secondly my uni stuff came today. Kerikeys. I will admit I am more than a little nervous. I have a lot of self doubt (really, no I don’t, sometimes, alot of times) and try to hide behind my fear with bad humour, ha ha . See!
I have to read things that don’t include pictures and do really serious things instead of just fluffing around. Gulp.


4 Responses to “here I go”

  1. Jodie Says:

    Oh it will be so exciting when you get started….

  2. Carolyn Says:

    The study sounds very exciting! I had a good look through Jan’s site too. I hope you create looks of great things!

  3. Jan Says:

    You will love it! The reading is so interesting (well most of the time) and just stick to making what you are interested in and you will have the best time!

  4. Sara Says:

    Think I got to your blog via a comment you left on Jan’s blog, but anyway, thought I’d write and say I love your blog! It made me laugh… have fun, Sara

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