What happened there? I think I have been in some parallel universe and missed a month on earth.
Doing a bit of art in inverted commas. I’m really going to have to get stuck into it this weekend being Easter. This may look like a child’s drawing. That’s because it is. I copied it from my daughter who drew it when she was about 5. I needed something simple to begin the printing process. Something I loved.

The following two pictures are from a book called The General from 1961. Got it at the opshop for 50c. Real groovy baby illustrations.

the general

It came at an opportune moment though. I have spoken a couple of times about the Mr. here on the blog. He is aka Mark. I have renamed him. He is now going to be referred to as The Little General (TLG).
Earlier this week we waved him goodbye as he joined the Army. Initially for three months training, after that who knows. So this book is a reminder to me of this time. The story is quite apt too. Smelling the roses type of thing. Good stuff.

the general


2 Responses to “anyhow………”

  1. VictoriaE Says:

    Your man has joined the army? (I am feeling a bit thick today so might be misreading this?) My husband was in the reserves when we first got married (when he was 20), wishes he was still in. He also goes away a lot now for work I think as a creative person you are able to cope better with the man being away, because it means a bit more time to yourself to create at night, not that it’s easy but there is an upside.
    I love your new artists book, don’t worry I feel like a five year old all the time whole working on my “art”, it’s all good!!

  2. VictoriaE Says:

    Oh and I like the badger, LOVE badgers!!!

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