talking to myself

I haven’t been having much luck at the op shops lately. I guess because my attention has turned elsewhere, the o.s angels have followed my lead.
But I did find this a week or so ago. When I tried it on it looked OK, but I thought to myself it would look nicer if I could fling it around my shoulders ala chic like. I also included in this conversation to myself that I would like one of those clip that hold it together whilst wearing it chiccily around my shoulders and left it at that.
Then a few days later, on my birthday by a weird coincidence, I found the clip!! (as seen at top button). This ensued another conversation with myself that surmised as to why doesn’t this work with winning lotto and on and on it went until I left myself baffled.
A wee bit on grannyish side, but when in doubt wear with jeans, that my motto.



3 Responses to “talking to myself”

  1. jodie Says:

    I agree, you’ll carry it off with jeans no problem. Just don’t wear it with your Osti frock or whilst carrying your Glomesh purse.

  2. Victoria Says:

    Happy Birthday! I find the opshop powers are always willing to give you what you want, if you put your request out there into the universe. The lottery powers, not so much.

  3. elise Says:

    happy birthday!

    you and I are super hero fashion twins! and I have also had similar eerie thrift shop moments. I just smile and thank my lucky stars that at least SOMETHING goes my way!

    I tewtally go for the granny look all the way! I have my t-strap spectator shoes, patent leather handbag, tri-strand of baubles necklace. LOVES IT!

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