on martha

About ten years ago I discovered Martha, through her decorating books. I really liked her (or her assistants) style and I still do. Its all so clean, polished and perfect, something that was/is clearly lacking in my life. I don’t think I was ever sucked in by the dream factory but does have some bearing on me. For example I bought this book. It was a buck fifty. I don’t entertain… it makes me tense. But one day I might and that one day I want to entertain like Martha because it looks like a happy day. I see no Smiths chips in her bowls or double dipping going on in this baby.

This is my Martha influenced wall of love of my family. The influence is the black frames BTW. My camera is dying a slow death, so scusi with the pics. It was a driving force to collect these frames over the years from the O.S, then the irony was that Spotlight started selling her brand frames and I ended up with some of them on the wall! Oh the bloody irony. I doubt if my life could get any deeper or meaningfuller.

I could give my opinion on her show but I will save that for another day.


3 Responses to “on martha”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I have the same book and like you it was the first I’d heard of Martha. A friend sent it to me from the US. I remember the rather OTT baby shower catering. Great photos to drool over though!

    Like you, I’d just take the ideas that work for me.

    I wonder how much is Martha herself or the stylists?

  2. victoria Says:

    I am dying to watch the Martha show – I’ve never seen any craft show on tv, maybe I’ll have a look and see if old eposides are available on dvd?

  3. Claire Falkingham Says:

    The wall looks great, probably because you painstakigly collected the frames over a few years! Love the colour too!

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