needed needles

Well that was while between hello’s. Life has been pretty hectic for me of late and winter does not fare me well I must say, but hopefully things will settle down.
An urge that came upon me last week was to have more needles. Who has urges for needles, chocolate yes , but little bits of metal? I seem to be always scratching around for one and never being satisfied that one is at hand, now problem solved. I was going to break into the Sewing Susan pack but could not bring myself to do it. A nal! Good score from St.Vinnies.


2 Responses to “needed needles”

  1. victoria Says:

    Well, of course you need a large selection of needles. At all time. It’s a life necessity I think! August is a terrible month, I’m glad you’re back.

  2. Claire Falkingham Says:

    I’m envious of those needles, I’m always hunting around for them too – maybe I need to get a large stash?

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