please come back

Between putting the rolled roast  and the potatoes in the oven yesterday , I made (term used loosely) this sunny’s case.  I found a pair on ray ban sunglasses in the os last week , near new….. except they are twenty years old.  I wore  an almost exact same pair in the eighties. I am in conflict weather this is a good or bad thing. They are very serviceable and good quality but I question my style sense. Surely they are due for a comeback. Surely.
Shan’t talk much about the making of the case, it was a horror from go to whoa. Who can make dinner, make binding and sew binding at the time? Not me. The machine got a tongue lashing.

At least the dinner worked out well.

dont look too close at the wonky stitching

dont look too close at the wonky stitching


2 Responses to “please come back”

  1. elise Says:

    wonky stitching? what wonky stitching? I don’t see any wonky stitching!!

    I do believe that those particular Ray Bans definitely need to make a fashionable comeback! they are very nice. way better than the standard “Risky Business” Tom Cruise 80’s kind!

  2. victoria Says:

    It’s a good thing. I’m sure I saw a model in the latest Sportsgirl catalouge wearing the same pair. (Or, you might consider that to be a bad thing?)

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