With little cat and dog pins made from shrinky plastic and applique pins. Cute. They serve no use for anything but sometimes things have to be done without purpose, in my world. Plus I seem to have to have only ten minutes at a time before I am called for something so things have to be quick and little. A point in case – just as I typing this enthralling piece about wee pins ..” mum, can we get the ball off the roof ?” I have just blasphemed (to myself in my head), breathed out and ‘spose I best get the ladder.


6 Responses to “balls”

  1. jodie Says:

    I tend to blaspheme out loud these days. I love wee little things that have no real purpose – your pins are awesomely cute .

  2. Carolyn aka comfy cosy Says:

    I love the pins and pincushion; I really like your colour choices. Did you use a paper punch on the shrinky plastic? I’d be really interested to know. I think I struggled a little punching the plastic.

    I love things made for no real reason!

  3. Linda Says:

    Yes Carolyn I used a paper punch and I think I blunted the edges doing it though. I had to press really hard and contemplated stepping on it at one stage

  4. Claire Falkingham Says:

    Go the blaspheme I say, and best limber up for the fast approaching school hols! Really love the colour combos you’ve used for this, striking.

  5. victoria Says:

    The things that are without a purpose should be done whenever possible. I think they’re very cute and life affirming, all LOVE the pincushion – I’ve been making “fake” log cabin patchwork fabric arrangements on paper lately – so satisfying..

  6. victoria Says:

    “also”, not “all”

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