little bit of this little bit of that

I took Stephanie my babe garage saleing and treasure hunting today. I don’t usually take her as she starts to get fidgety by the second shop or stop but she is good company. She ended up with an impressive haul of goodies for her dollhouse and I came away with a deer and an old quilt (pictures to come soon). This is actually for my sister. We were in Adelaide a few weeks back and she noticed one of these in a chi chi Modern Danish shop priced as only Modern Danish chi chi shops can. In the right atmosphere, it looks outstanding , in my house this holds no ground, which despairs me a little as I would like a chi chi home. Just a tiny pinch of despair.

Have been doing a little bit of stitching which does not despair me. Quite satisfying and non stressful.

We, meaning the family, are going out for Lebanese food tonight. I don’t cook on Saturdays nights. It used to be that we had takeaway ( but I would have to go and get it to eat at home, still like cooking to me) but now we actually go out to eat which feels very civilised.


One Response to “little bit of this little bit of that”

  1. victoria Says:

    Ay! The stitching is very to-my-liking.

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