the week that was

Tuesday morning made some lavender squares out of doilies. Filled them Wednesday night.

Didn’t make anything on Wednesday, Thursday but on Friday went to see the Yinka Shonibare MBE exhibition at the MCA. In the spiel it says “Shonibare explores ideas about contemporary African identity, the legacy of colonialism, class structures and social justice”. Well I don’t know about that but the fabrics were deelish.

Today I made a bag for Stephanie from a Japanese book. I started at about 9.30 this morning and finished at 2pm. It was a protoptype for one I intend to make for myself …oneday.

Some left over d’olie edging fron Tuesdays efforts adds a touch of whimsy to this otherwise plain pocket.

Here is the mess I now have to clean up.


2 Responses to “the week that was”

  1. Amy Gunson Says:

    Cute bag!! I envy your mess. Mine looks a little more like Hurricane Norbert swept through, but it truth I knwo it was just Hurricane Amy. =)

  2. jodie Says:

    Love the look of that dress.

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