That’s what I need to get the cogs of creativity working again. Nice segue. I have been doing stuff but have not been writing/bloggin’ about it. I wonder if I am starting to loose the urge.
The below little pot was purchased on Saturday. It has Italy 151 underneath. Don’t know if it is old or not. Delightful. It wont be used for anything except a vase. It had all disgusting things in it that cannot barely be thought about , let alone spoken about.

What I will speak about is the Gee Bends Quilt exhibition that I went to yesterday at Canterbury Racecourse. That too, was quite delightful. They gave me faith to go on in my quilt making endeavours. They were not perfect, far far from it. A couple were stained, loose and uneven threads, mismatched fabric weights – all made for utilitarian purposes and all made for real. It was good to see and I do believe it even smelt different (in a good fabric smelling way). No photography was allowed but this shows some.


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