catching up

Time keeps on slipping into the future. I never got around to showing my new summer dress that I got at the I love Vintage show in October. She is grand. The best fabric. No label. Homemade.


Made some pillows in November. Material comes from Remanant Warehouse. Love cabbage rose type things. Goes with nothing else in my house, certainly not my poxy couch that we have had for 15 years. I don’t want to come off sounding ungrateful or anything but nothing goes with the fabric on that piece of furniture so therefore the whole loungroom is a mish mash.


And lastly two weeks ago, that long ago already?, I went to an evening with Amy Butler. It was inspiring as I had hoped. It was nice to see Cass again and to meet Ingrid. Hello to (blogless) Robyn if you are out there. Twas a good night.


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