I am totally enamoured by this at the moment. This is my homewares take on it and if it were not due to time constraints and age I would quite like to join in on this caper. Alas.


Ric rac pillowcase: Target (on special – greatly reduced. How can they charge quite high prices then reduce them down to such low prices. I shake my head in disbelief)
Turquoise pillowcase: Op shop (still in package)
White pillowcase: Ikea (approx 12 years ago. swedish cotton. seems to last a lifetime)
Lampshades: By me (on the weekend)


2 Responses to “rested”

  1. Claire Falkingham Says:

    The lampshaes look great, the ric-rac pillow cases match really well.

  2. victoria Says:

    It’s a GREAT photo!
    And I like the lampshade A LOT!! (I always think if I stick something on a lampshade it will catch on fire, that thought is very silly I’m sure.)

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