12 months to the day

Good Lord time flies.
Is one year too long to finish a quilt that you envisiged would only take a few weeks!!


Here it is looking all puffy and squashed. I put it in the dryer to get that look – really.


4 Responses to “12 months to the day”

  1. Claire Falkingham Says:

    It’s very nice Linda, love the colours and the shape!
    (Think you are the only one who got my Janis reference BTW!!)

  2. victoria Says:

    Okay – I want this – on MY bed or couch. So pretty. I’m very taken by how the red contrasts with the blue and pink, it’s a gorgeous combination.

  3. Pepper Says:

    Hi there,
    i love it! those colours are awesome! And I know the feeling well, it took me 10 months to finish my quilt, now it graces my bed and I love it! well worth months of squares stacked in corner, draped across chairs, wadding stuffed under the bed, leaving a few pins in accidentally and being stabbed at 2am.. are you starting another?

  4. fiveandtwo Says:

    All those roses! It’s splendid.

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