clay and paint

I sometimes get all moody blue and start thinking about why I have a blog etc and then whilst I am looking around other peoples sites I get all excited when I see things like pots,fabric and treasures. It makes me remember why I have a blog and then rush out to the op shop.
For the viewing pleasure of the like spirited.

Jersey pottery. Never heard of it until I came home and googled it. This is set against the background of my sons painting inspired by Paul Klee. My son does not enjoy art. I no longer encourage him. I lament. The pot looks good but.


This is Desimone Italy. Never heard of it but I loved the garishness and boldness. The orange custard biscuits look like crap but they went down a treat.


TG Green, them I’ve heard of. These were in the o.s for the longest time, two or three weeks. I did not get them the first round as I walked out with something else and forgot. Went back a few weeks later and they were still there. Guess they were meant to be mine or I have really bad taste.



One Response to “clay and paint”

  1. Thrifted Treasure Says:

    I know exactly what you mean! After looking at other people’s thrifting blogs I am always itching to get out to an Op Shop or market!! Your finds and crafts are gorgeous!

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