on the boil

It seems it rather feast or famine when it comes to crafts and me. I don’t know how people are crafty all the time. I get worn out. But I have a second wind this month.
This is going to be a ballet shoe bag for Steph.(? doesn’t every girl need one of these) I had this on the back burner in my mind and it was going to stay there but she kept reminding me. Like a dog on a bone.


I have done the easy parts first. The rest is going to be tricky as all get out. I copied it from a colouring-in book with a transfer pencil and it smudged alot. She may be a bit mutated when complete.


3 Responses to “on the boil”

  1. Pepper Says:

    this is adorable, love it! im going to go hunt down old colouring book pictures now 🙂
    (and Im a sporadic crafter too. and gardener, and cook, and reader..)

  2. ingrid Says:

    This is looking beautiful!

  3. Jenni Says:

    this is going to be gorgeous, great idea for designs, can’t wait to see this finished 🙂

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