micro life

My daughters doll house is a total charm. She will only venture into one op shop with me as she knows it usually will haul a few miniatures. The other times she drops her lip and states its not her style. Pff…what can you do?
Art imitating life. This is like our real family looking like stunned mullets at the TV.
D’oiley as a rug.
Quality pillows are fiddly to make when they are little
Scary!!! How neat her sewing area is.
Kangaroo skin rug. A stylish touch. A little inhumane but stylish.
Retro kitchen, no old mouldy fruit and veg in the bottom drawers of that fridge.


2 Responses to “micro life”

  1. Cass Says:

    Wow that is fantastic

  2. Livvie Says:

    Have you tried making flower pots out of thimbles, and the flowers out of those craft flowers? Hold it in place with some brown plasticine, or glue it in and glue some dried tealeaves on top! That’s what I did when I was little.

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