make owls whilst your mojos working

Yes so it seems. I don’t know what really possessed me to make an owl. Here it is finished set against the drop of dusk on Stephs bed. She likes it well enough. The test will be if she sleeps with it tonight.


Some pillows I made last week for the above saids room. I thought I could whip them up in 1/2-1 hour. Three hours later, no worries.



3 Responses to “make owls whilst your mojos working”

  1. Jessica Says:

    The owl is super cute, Linda! I love it :o)

  2. victoria Says:

    I like it! Especially the jaunty blue-with-white-polka-dots wings – has character and cuteness.

  3. Thrifted Treasure Says:

    I LOVE the owl!! I have aspirations to be a crafty person, but it’s taken me 5 months to handsew 12 triangles for the bunting I’m making my son, so maybe not… 🙂

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