queenie was her name, crochet her game

I found these two books whilst out and about yesterday. I got the knitting book, not because I knit, but I do intend to one day but because of the pictures. I’d guess 1940’s judging by the ginormous shoulders on these babes. Not a hint of a sex kitten shot amongst the lot of them.


Some mischievous child has drawn on all the pictures but in a very Salvador Dali-esque kind of way. I can imagine they would have got a slap around the ears in the old days for this kind of hi jinks.

fine upstanding ladies

The other book is of crochet. Now I do crochet a little but this will go on my list to do…. maybe.
I had a pair or two of these slippers made by Nana when I was little. I have mixed feeling about them. I loved the colours she made them in and the pom pom was awesome, but my Lord did they itch. Did they wot.

nylon slippers

Yes I’ll put them on my list to do for my grandchildren. I’m not being cruel. They will just have bittersweet memories of me that’s all.



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