its all in the detail

This is the fourth bag I’ve made out of this pattern. I am trying to memorise it so I don’t have to refer back to the instructions and to find quick shortcuts. Today as I was chugging along sewing this I was saying to myself Linda you’re a genius but it quickly swung around to geez your a !@#$ idiot. How quickly the tide changes. There is only one way and its the right way it seems.
I have made it for a friend who likes vintage barkcloth material too. I just hope its not so old that it will fall apart.


Making flowers out of scraps of curtain and trying out different button concoctions.



2 Responses to “its all in the detail”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    The bags a winner and the barkcloth is the nicest I’ve seen. I’m a bit of a collector of barkcloth too but the actually designs aren’t necessarily pretty. I like seening a bit of pretty occassionally.

  2. Carolyn Says:

    goodness! could I make any more grammatical/typos in that comment?!

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