lab rat

I have had this in my ufo pile that I forgot. I cut it out ages ago from material I got at garage sale. I made the same top here

hand on hip
Eh.. not too thrilled with it but don’t hate it. Hopefully when spring comes it will miraculously change to like alot.

smooth as silk

This is pretty pj top I got at a garage sale recently. There are also bottoms and a few nighties made out of satin. Absolutely gorgeous, from the 1930’s or 40’s. Unfortunately they are slightly stained with age stains but I just could not leave them behind to go to the tip.

dust collectors

And while I am still in my bedroom I thought I would just show this. I am not a minimalist (screamed elephant man style I am not an animal).

dear me

I got this little fella last week. Perfect for hanging stuff although could be considered a little creepy in some circles.


2 Responses to “lab rat”

  1. victoria Says:

    I ADORE the interior decorating.

  2. Claire Falkingham Says:

    … I’m a human being! I’m not a fan of minamalist decor – I’m a colour person, I find minamalist interiors so heartless, and homes need a heart!

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