on a bender

Am on a home beautifying bender at the the moment. Last month it was a sewing clothes bender, next month who knows. September usually makes me want to garden.
I made the two front pillows this morning. The fabric is Ana Maria Horner gear from Remnants warehouse. Just love it. I am now not sure about the black and white pillows (Ikea). Another trip to Alexandria might be on the cards.


And from a garage sale on the weekend this mid century pic. Up close it is just a blur but from afar it defines itself.
The family have declared it a scary picture which comes as no surprise. I think their idea of artwork/ decoration would be the dogs sitting around the table playing poker painting. Now thats scary.

klee glee


3 Responses to “on a bender”

  1. Claire Falkingham Says:

    … or the skeleton on the loo – remember that piece of fine art?! Like the painting very much indeed1

  2. victoria Says:

    The picture is by Paul Klee, am I right? I was obsessed with him in high school, even read his pompous diaries with adoration…

  3. Linda Says:

    Yes it is Victoria. You make me laugh

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