blue box 1&2

My sister visited us last week. She lives on the far North Coast and is always lamenting that there are no good finds left up there.
Au contraire. She always manages to scrounge something up for me that she knows I would like.

blue box2

Handmade boxes made from plastic canvas and nylon thread and lined on the inside. Again…awesome!!


And something that I hardly ever do is buy online mags. But I shelled out AU3.10 for Parasol Craft this week. It is very inspirational and makes my heart flutter a little.
And another thing that we (the family) don’t do anymore is go to the footy. Which we are tonight. I have had the slow cooker going , (Traditional Beef Casserole) so we can get there without a rush. Life can get ruttish.


One Response to “blue box 1&2”

  1. victoria Says:

    I would definately buy those boxes if I saw them in an opshop. I’m on the lookout for one of those old boxes made of greeting cards.

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