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on a bender

August 7, 2009

Am on a home beautifying bender at the the moment. Last month it was a sewing clothes bender, next month who knows. September usually makes me want to garden.
I made the two front pillows this morning. The fabric is Ana Maria Horner gear from Remnants warehouse. Just love it. I am now not sure about the black and white pillows (Ikea). Another trip to Alexandria might be on the cards.


And from a garage sale on the weekend this mid century pic. Up close it is just a blur but from afar it defines itself.
The family have declared it a scary picture which comes as no surprise. I think their idea of artwork/ decoration would be the dogs sitting around the table playing poker painting. Now thats scary.

klee glee


lab rat

July 26, 2009

I have had this in my ufo pile that I forgot. I cut it out ages ago from material I got at garage sale. I made the same top here

hand on hip
Eh.. not too thrilled with it but don’t hate it. Hopefully when spring comes it will miraculously change to like alot.

smooth as silk

This is pretty pj top I got at a garage sale recently. There are also bottoms and a few nighties made out of satin. Absolutely gorgeous, from the 1930’s or 40’s. Unfortunately they are slightly stained with age stains but I just could not leave them behind to go to the tip.

dust collectors

And while I am still in my bedroom I thought I would just show this. I am not a minimalist (screamed elephant man style I am not an animal).

dear me

I got this little fella last week. Perfect for hanging stuff although could be considered a little creepy in some circles.

off tha wall

July 7, 2009

Just a couple of finds from the last week or so. I thinks these are the 80’s doing the 70’s oven mit and placemats. Floats my boat nonetheless.


An apron and a crinoline lady!!! Sure to stop me in my tracks. A childs apron to boot. Awesome.


ive washed the floors – it must be thursday

May 14, 2009

Having unburdened myself from my chores I can now do things I enjoy. Some goodies that will now clutter up my cupboards but I NEED them.
Bold and beautiful.


This is special. The person who made this is so clever. This is my first tea cosy I think I have found.


Another tablecloth. A favourite colour combination.


sisters are doin it

April 30, 2009

My sister has recently visited and gave me a few things. I officially now have a collection of hemline measurers thingys. She found the small brown one at the front.


Upclose. They are very hard to photograph.


And she got me this granny blanket. Its so lovely I don’t know what to do with it yet. Its quite old I think and I am worried that it will get ruined if I throw it over the couch. Dilemma..I know.


bathmats and binding

January 22, 2009

Bathmats. I don’t know what to say about these so that it doesn’t sound like I haven’t got a life and stay home making bathroom accessories.


New wares find. Italy 616/C. I guess it may be a lolly bowl. I use it to store burning sage which I don’t burn very often as it smells like an illegal substance and gets the neighbours tongues wagging I’m sure, and their noses sniffing.


Both give me a certain amount of pleasure. Except for the sage . I don’t know why I don’t toss it.

for the connoissuer

November 19, 2008

I know I am not the only who thinks these little buggers are crash hot.
The o.s even had them behind the counter (I assume so they would not get thieved due to their popularity)
An outside shot (below)to fully grasp the uniquiness of each of them. A few have even been repaired. I wonder if there was peg man who used to come around, like the milkman or bottleman?


This is them in a moody setting taking pride of place on the dining room table. Of course the paper and crap is shoved to the side which does not make for a good photo.
Dinner will be served in about 1/2 hour or so and so will the barrage of mock from the family. They are not attuned to the higher beckoning of peg love. I will stand firm and defend to the end.



November 3, 2008

That’s what I need to get the cogs of creativity working again. Nice segue. I have been doing stuff but have not been writing/bloggin’ about it. I wonder if I am starting to loose the urge.
The below little pot was purchased on Saturday. It has Italy 151 underneath. Don’t know if it is old or not. Delightful. It wont be used for anything except a vase. It had all disgusting things in it that cannot barely be thought about , let alone spoken about.

What I will speak about is the Gee Bends Quilt exhibition that I went to yesterday at Canterbury Racecourse. That too, was quite delightful. They gave me faith to go on in my quilt making endeavours. They were not perfect, far far from it. A couple were stained, loose and uneven threads, mismatched fabric weights – all made for utilitarian purposes and all made for real. It was good to see and I do believe it even smelt different (in a good fabric smelling way). No photography was allowed but this shows some.

little bit of this little bit of that

September 27, 2008

I took Stephanie my babe garage saleing and treasure hunting today. I don’t usually take her as she starts to get fidgety by the second shop or stop but she is good company. She ended up with an impressive haul of goodies for her dollhouse and I came away with a deer and an old quilt (pictures to come soon). This is actually for my sister. We were in Adelaide a few weeks back and she noticed one of these in a chi chi Modern Danish shop priced as only Modern Danish chi chi shops can. In the right atmosphere, it looks outstanding , in my house this holds no ground, which despairs me a little as I would like a chi chi home. Just a tiny pinch of despair.

Have been doing a little bit of stitching which does not despair me. Quite satisfying and non stressful.

We, meaning the family, are going out for Lebanese food tonight. I don’t cook on Saturdays nights. It used to be that we had takeaway ( but I would have to go and get it to eat at home, still like cooking to me) but now we actually go out to eat which feels very civilised.

please come back

September 10, 2008

Between putting the rolled roast  and the potatoes in the oven yesterday , I made (term used loosely) this sunny’s case.  I found a pair on ray ban sunglasses in the os last week , near new….. except they are twenty years old.  I wore  an almost exact same pair in the eighties. I am in conflict weather this is a good or bad thing. They are very serviceable and good quality but I question my style sense. Surely they are due for a comeback. Surely.
Shan’t talk much about the making of the case, it was a horror from go to whoa. Who can make dinner, make binding and sew binding at the time? Not me. The machine got a tongue lashing.

At least the dinner worked out well.

dont look too close at the wonky stitching

dont look too close at the wonky stitching