lab rat

July 26, 2009

I have had this in my ufo pile that I forgot. I cut it out ages ago from material I got at garage sale. I made the same top here

hand on hip
Eh.. not too thrilled with it but don’t hate it. Hopefully when spring comes it will miraculously change to like alot.

smooth as silk

This is pretty pj top I got at a garage sale recently. There are also bottoms and a few nighties made out of satin. Absolutely gorgeous, from the 1930’s or 40’s. Unfortunately they are slightly stained with age stains but I just could not leave them behind to go to the tip.

dust collectors

And while I am still in my bedroom I thought I would just show this. I am not a minimalist (screamed elephant man style I am not an animal).

dear me

I got this little fella last week. Perfect for hanging stuff although could be considered a little creepy in some circles.



July 10, 2009

I like the fabric.

That’s all Ive got to say about that.

the two of us

That and I quote Forrest Gump alot.


July 10, 2009

This pattern was 50% the 50% markdown so that = um ? bargain in my book. It was fairly straightforward and easy.

you haughty minx you

The fabric came from St Vinnies, some sort of polyester type that falls quite nicely and because of the pattern the front seam doesn’t show. One or two more of these are on the cards.
Nice effect with the Damart granny skivvy I know but it is terribly chilly today. Its not considered underwear I hope. Hate to show my smalls for all and sundry.

you damart lovin old lady you

off tha wall

July 7, 2009

Just a couple of finds from the last week or so. I thinks these are the 80’s doing the 70’s oven mit and placemats. Floats my boat nonetheless.


An apron and a crinoline lady!!! Sure to stop me in my tracks. A childs apron to boot. Awesome.


my dreams

June 26, 2009

For when the day comes when I get orf my arse stop procrastinating and put my dreams into full action I have been making some bags. The day will day..soon.



And the day will come soon that I will find the atomic fabric that I have yearned for for many years. I am getting closer I can feel it in my waters. This is sort of close but yet a little far.


simpleton stitches

June 26, 2009

I have been making a scarf. I got all crazy inspired at the recent craft show by all the nice ones I saw there.
Its some sort of linen hemp material from the o.s. I have embellished it with a few circles of Prints Charming fabric along the edges that I also got at the craft fair.


I found this ex library book, their loss my gain, quite a while ago. It is Simple Stitches by Anne Butler 1968.


Amazing needlework.



June 20, 2009

How long does it take to fix a computer in 2009. Weeks it seems. Video card went. Whatever. Just get it working.
I found some squares that I cut out about 16 years ago. The blue and white checks. I had forgotten all about them. Thought about tossing them but being the miser that I am, could not bring myself to. I am also trying to use as much as my old scraps in this quilt as I really want to buy some new stuff. But it seems I have a bottomless scrap pile.


Dreary Saturday. We are off to the movies (Night at the Museum 2 – I love Ricky Gervais) now and Ikea. I will just paw the manchester and fabric.

its all in the detail

June 5, 2009

This is the fourth bag I’ve made out of this pattern. I am trying to memorise it so I don’t have to refer back to the instructions and to find quick shortcuts. Today as I was chugging along sewing this I was saying to myself Linda you’re a genius but it quickly swung around to geez your a !@#$ idiot. How quickly the tide changes. There is only one way and its the right way it seems.
I have made it for a friend who likes vintage barkcloth material too. I just hope its not so old that it will fall apart.


Making flowers out of scraps of curtain and trying out different button concoctions.



June 1, 2009

June already.
I found these tablemats at a garage sale on the weekend. Lovely screenprint.

I’d like to find out more about this company but there doesn’t seem to be much.
The Powerhouse Museum have some information
The sticker on the back says Design number T27. Donald Clark and Associates Thornleigh Sydney Australia.


queenie was her name, crochet her game

May 29, 2009

I found these two books whilst out and about yesterday. I got the knitting book, not because I knit, but I do intend to one day but because of the pictures. I’d guess 1940’s judging by the ginormous shoulders on these babes. Not a hint of a sex kitten shot amongst the lot of them.


Some mischievous child has drawn on all the pictures but in a very Salvador Dali-esque kind of way. I can imagine they would have got a slap around the ears in the old days for this kind of hi jinks.

fine upstanding ladies

The other book is of crochet. Now I do crochet a little but this will go on my list to do…. maybe.
I had a pair or two of these slippers made by Nana when I was little. I have mixed feeling about them. I loved the colours she made them in and the pom pom was awesome, but my Lord did they itch. Did they wot.

nylon slippers

Yes I’ll put them on my list to do for my grandchildren. I’m not being cruel. They will just have bittersweet memories of me that’s all.